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        Enterprise tenet: innovation and development, quality first 


        Enterprise philosophy: people-oriented, integrity management; Continuous learning, pragmatic and refined


        Enterprise vision: Committed to becoming a leading enterprise of personalized moxibustion therapy in China


           Traditional Chinese medicine inheritance, "Ai" in Xinshang


         Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years, and Chinese medicine believes that "Tianren and One" is the guiding theory of TCM health preservation, and people should adapt to the changes in nature. There are a variety of health care techniques such as food, medicine, moxibustion, massage, foot bath, etc. The ancients believed that the method of health preservation is not like nourishing nature, and the method of nourishing nature is not like nourishing essence; Fine charging can dissolve qi, and qi can be full of concentration; Shenquan is peaceful in yin and yang, with coordinated internal organs, and unimpeded qi and blood, thus ensuring the health and strength of the body.

      品讀 “艾馨尚”

          Reading "Ai Xin Shang"

          “馨”即馨香、指散布很遠的芳香。 韋昭注:“馨香,芳馨之升聞者也。后來也比喻留傳后代的好名聲。馨創公司研發有文化的熏香、有溫度的艾灸,清煙裊裊,飄香四溢,把國醫之文化,傳播四海。


          "Ai" Li Shizhen said in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Ai Ye takes the true fire of the sun, and can return to the Yuanyang." Inheriting Chinese medicine culture and being a health messenger is the strategic development path of Xinchuang team.

        "Xin" means sweet fragrance, which refers to an aroma that spreads far away. Wei Zhao's note: "Xinxiang, the ascending of the fragrance is also heard." Later, it was also likened to a good reputation passed on to future generations. Xinchuang company research and development of cultural incense, warm moxibustion, clear smoke, fragrance, spread the culture of Chinese medicine.

        "Shang" accumulates the meaning of exalting, taking its meaning of nobility, respect, and wealth. The health industry is a noble industry, through scientific health preservation, so that people are more beautiful and noble.

         "Ai Xinshang" is "on the heart" and "my love for you has always been on the heart". Xinchuang team combines science and technology with culture, innovates products, contains culture, is based in China, and goes to the world.





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